Wine needs air - why not use a wine aerator to upgrade your wine?

Wine Aerator With Extra Free Filter + Stand. Great For Wine Tasting + Hosting Gifts.

Aerating Wine Really Makes A Difference. Quality Red Wine Pourer/Decanter With Manufacturer Lifetime Guarantee.

But why does wine need air?: - Young wines need between 1 to 2 hours to aerate. A long time to wait at a dinner party or even in your own home in the evening but with our wine aerator it takes seconds! Making red wine more delicious every time. Red wine opens up with air, releasing their supreme bouquet which makes it better tasting. Aeration removes musty odours e.g. from the barrel. What a great birthday wine box gift set. It's also a lot of fun - try it. Have a wine tasting evening with our wine aerator!


No more waiting for wine to aerate in a traditional decanter

Worried about spending too much on expensive wine

Avoid leaking caused by ill-fitting aerating wine stoppers

Avoid cupboards storing large decanters

Introducing the AFL Products I Love Wine Aerator.

Designed to be small and compact so you can carry it anywhere Wine aerates in seconds and improves the taste of all wines Easy to clean with free extra filter (Dishwasher Safe) Improve the taste of your wine wherever you may be.

Small and compact for travel. Only 6 inches tall and 2 inches wide

Designed for the wine lover who needs their wine to breath. 

The AFL Products Red Wine Aerator is designed to improve the taste of any wine. A traditional Wine Decanter would take 1-2 hours to introduce air into the wine before its flavour and body were enhanced. A patient waiting game. This Wine Pourer Aerates the wine as it flows through and instantly introduces air to the wine and improves the taste into the Wine Glass. Perfect as Hosting Gifts and for a night in Wine Tasting with friends.



  • Wine tastes better in seconds: add air to your wine for enhanced flavor and body every time you use this red wine aerator

  • Save money on wine: spend less on your wine with the same great taste when you aerate

  • Easy to use and store: so easy to use just hold the aerator over the glass and pour your wine

  • High quality gift with free extra filter: one of the best gifts for any wine lover or as a hosting gift

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Our Red Wine Aerator has 5* reviews on Amazon

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Ever tried Wine Tasting with friends?

Why not have some friends round and try it (You could even try using it as a spirit aerator!) Just remember to clear your pallet between wines.  We recommend bread because it's neutral.

You may be looking for wine gifts for a birthday or christmas present, for a friend about to host a party, or as a housewarming gift. This is a wine gift for lovers of all things wine, complete novices, women and men. If you know someone who enjoys drinking wine or has a wine decanter then they will love this wine aerator.