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"Sourcing products to help you choose the lifestyle you want to enjoy is at the heart of why I started AFL Products. Enjoy the nice things in life is what the whole team here want to help you do" - Alba Lewis, AFL Products Founder.

AFL Products is dedicated to designing and sourcing products that are high quality, great value and give people the freedom to choose how to live life. 

Manual Coffee Grinder - Some may say Coffee keeps the USA going. Harvard says that 54% of the population over 18 years old drink coffee, drinking 3.1 cups on average per day. A huge 65% of people drink coffee with breakfast, which is when people would have the most energy to use for a manual grinder. 

The AFL Products Manual Coffee Grinder has successfully sold on Amazon with 5* reviews and great customer feedback. In the search for a Coffee Grinder many will now choose the eco-friendly option of a Hand Crank Coffee Mill with Ceramic Conical Burr because it requires no electricity and is completely powered by the hand and arm of the drinker of the freshly ground coffee. 

Reusable Coffee Filters - Complimenting the Manual Coffee Grinder is the Reusable Coffee Filters which hold ground coffee in a metal mesh filter that is then placed into water and brewed. A great alternative to the K-Cup filter options on the market. The easy to clean plastic and metal mesh design is great for making one cup of fresh coffee at a time and can compliment any coffee grinder.

Wine Aerator - Drinking great tasting wine is the outcome everyone wants every time they open a bottle of red wine. It's not always the case and the wine tasting can go well dependent on price, region, storage and serving of the red wine. This is where the Wine Aerator can help make any wine taste better. The Red Wine Aerator introduces air to the wine as it is poured through the wine decanter straight to the glass. a traditional Wine Decanter would take 1-2 hours to fully aerate a wine. This Wine Pourer and Aerating gadget means that in seconds Red Wine tastes better and even the cheapest wine has an improved taste. Great for Wine Lover or as a Wine Gift. 

Cheese Grater - Any great dish that includes cheese is a winning combination in most countries. Grated Cheese can be an excellent topping to many dishes and this Cheese Grater is elegant and can be displayed on the table - a great kitchen utensil. A sustainable bamboo Cheese Grater with stainless steel grater that has a bamboo wooden container to collect and serve the cheese from. No more plastic tubs that don't compliment your stunning table displays with this box grater. Also useful as a vegetable, ginger and potato grater. 

Spork - An essential addition to the camping gear list for camping cookware necessity is a Spork. A Spoon, Fork and Knife which is also a bottle opener. A universal useful mutli-use camping utensil to keep backpacks light and dinnertimes easy when travelling. If it is the outdoor life you enjoy or even just outdoor cooking in the backyard with a BBQ and friends over to socialize, then this Spork suits all ages and is great for all cuisines. For the adults in the group the useful bottle opener means that you can enjoy a beer, cider or any bottled drink with ease in the outdoors. 

Mesh Beach Bag - Do you bring half the beach home on a summers day? Leave sand at the beach with the Mesh Beach Bag for toys, clothing, towels and more. This Mesh Bag is compact, light and strong. Also great as a Toys Organizer, Carry Laundry Bag, Bathroom Organizer, Beach Tote and Bath Toy Storage. 

Luggage Tags - Personalized Luggage Tags to keep your suitcase or hand luggage safe and returned to you. As Travel Accessories go, this one isn't just for fashion or comfort as the ID tags mean if your luggage is lost they know where to return it and if someone else is looking at your suitcase thinking it is theirs, they'll be sure to see it isn't theirs. Buy Bulk Luggage Tags as Bag Tags for your next air travel adventure. 

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