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                                             Do you love the taste of fresh coffee? 

​Would you like to drink more fresh coffee at work, on vacation, while you travel or enjoy outdoor pursuits?

​Do you prefer your favorite coffee beans ground just before you make your coffee? 

We've got the coffee bean grinder for you.....


   Why is this probably the best value portable coffee maker?


   AFL Product's manual coffee grinder is made of stainless steel with a ceramic conical burr which is small and compact so you can take it anywhere you go.


   This coffee mill with hand crank comes with a free waterproof bag and coffee grinder brush for cleaning and is compatible with an Aeropress coffee maker.


   With it's variable adjustable grind you can have fine to coarse grind instantly.  So whether you want espresso, french press coffee, turkish coffee, greek or      cuban coffee or even to make you own blend, this coffee grinder can help you have them all.


   Because you can carry this coffee grinder anywhere our clients take it to work because it's quiet and won't bother anyone like an electric coffee grinder will.


   We've also been sent photos of people who have bought it to take on vacation as a travel coffee grinder so they can maintain their morning coffee routine!


  Strong and durable it's also great for times when you want to save or don't have electricity.  So when there's a power cut remember you have a manual         coffee grinder. Or if you're a sailor, save your limited onboard energy.

The AFL Products Manual Coffee Grinder for your fresh coffee wherever you might be. A Stainless Steel Hand Crank Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Conical Burr for precision grind. Avoid an Electric Grinder for this Manual Eco-friendly Coffee Bean Grinder designed to be modern, sleek, compact and easy to store or travel with and great with Burr Coffee Grinder reviews.

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  • QUALITY AND VALUE WITH FREE EXTRAS: Stainless Steel Hand Coffee Grinder with Manual Hand Crank operation made so well it is offered with a Lifetime Guarantee. NO rust and no need to worry about damage - Strong and Durable. 5 Star Reviews on Amazon support this. A Free Coffee Grinder Brush offered with every Coffee Grinder as well as a Free Waterproof Bag for better storage.

  • EASY ADJUSTABLE GRIND: This Coffee Bean Grinder offers adjustable fine to course grind using the easy to access adjustable Conical Ceramic Burr. Simply adjust the setting before grinding and instantly the Coffee Grind will change. Excellent as an Espresso Grinder/ for French Press Coffee / Turkish Coffee / Greek and Cuban Coffee

  • EASY TO USE: This Coffee Grinder is easy to take apart to fill with Coffee Beans and to clean. Once filled you simply turn the Hand Crank and your fresh Coffee will be ground to perfection. It is compact and Easy to Store or to travel with, Quiet as it is ground by hand, Easy to Clean and dishwasher safe. Can also double up as a handy Stainless Steel Spice Grinder.

  • AEROPRESS COFFEE MAKER COMPATIBLE: This Hand Crank Coffee Grinder fits into any Aeropress Coffee Maker for Coffee on the go and with the waterproof bag you can be sure there'll be no mess. No electric needed. Ideal for office, travel, camping, boating, fishing and home use.

  • EXCLUSIVE MANUFACTURER LIFETIME GUARANTEE: The High Quality of this Coffee Grinder already experienced by 100's of Amazon customers, means we are more than confident that we can offer a Lifetime Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your purchase just get in touch and we will replace your Hand Crank Coffee Grinder no questions asked.

Manual Coffee Grinder | Hand Crank Coffee GRINDER 



Obviously at AFL Products we get to try out the merchandise so we've become pretty good at making the coffee we like.  We have some tips from our office on how to make the best cup of coffee using our Manual Coffee Grinder:

1.  Do try out different varieties of coffee beans, perhaps organic even. Source your coffee beans carefully from ethical retailers and perhaps try high altitude and small farms.  

2.  Think about the water you are using.  It makes a massive difference.  Try bottled spring water or get carbon filters on your taps.  Also don't be confused, minerals in good water are part of it, so don't distill or use softened water.

3.  Grind just enough coffee beans just before you are going to add water for the freshest taste.  This is really really important.  Basically the fresher the better.

4.  Don't use cheap coffee filters.  For all of the above reasons and love of the coffee, use coffee filters that will keep the coffee taste clean.

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