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Searching for Air Travel Accessories that make your trip easier and stress free? The AFL Products Luggage Tags help you find your bag and help your bag find you if it goes missing. Having an ID Tag for your Suitcase or Bag is both functional and fashionable. These durable PVC Bag Tags come in a pack of 4 and are attached with Stainless Steel Luggage Tag Loops that means even with the roughest of treatment at the airport, they will last many trips into the future. 

Never lose your Luggage or Luggage Tags again

  • Fed up of not spotting your Bag ID Tag amongst everyone elses at the airport?
  • Want to stop others mistaking your Luggage for theirs?
  • Personalize your Luggage and then find the ID Tag falls off during the journey?​
  • Annoyed when your Luggage Tags get tired and damaged after a few trips?

Travel stress free: Spot your Luggage first with a Personalized Strong and Durable ID Tag

These eye catching Luggage Tags are designed using durable PVC plastic to withstand a lifetimes journeys with their stainless steel Luggage Tag Loops. A unique locking system, which attaches to almost any suitcase or bag and won't fall off

Designed with a metal eyelet to prevent the ID Tag tearing off during the journey

Simply use a Fine Permanent Marker (and allow to dry) to personalize the tag with your name and address and away you go. Others wont be able to mistake your luggage as theirs on your next trip

Travel Accessories for Men and for Women but also suited as Beach Luggage Tags, a Golf Bag Tag, Coach Luggage Tag, Luggage Tag Favors, Pet Travel Accessories and Cruise Ship Luggage Tags.

Luggage Tags are essential Travel Accessories for those people who want to ensure their Luggage stays safe during Air Travel or even Coach and Cruise Travel. Getting ready to go away, travelling and getting to your destination can be stressful and tiring so the last thing anyone wants to happen is to wait for ages to find the Luggage or worst case to even lose the Luggage. Bright, clearly Personalized Luggage Tags that are flexible, durable and long lasting can save the day and avoid stressful times. 

As Bag Tags they would suit being used for Golf Bags, Pet Travel, Violin and musical instruments, Medical Equipment, School Bags, Beach Bags and other property that needs to ensure it finds its rightful owner at the end of the trip or day.  


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  • DURABLE PVC ID TAG: Luggage Tags Made of flexible PVC silicone designed to survive the journey through airport luggage handling. Air Travel Accessories that last for many more trips

  • EASY TO PERSONALIZE: Personalized Luggage Tags to avoid losing your bag or someone else taking your Suitcase. Personalize the Bag Tags with a FINE POINT PERMANENT MARKER with your name and address and it won't wipe off!

  • SPOT YOUR LUGGAGE TAGS: Not only will the ID Tag be personalized, you will be able to spot your luggage first and others will know it isn't theirs. If the airport loses the suitcase, they know who to get it back to

  • STRONG STAINLESS STEEL LOOPS: Made with strong silicone attached to your bag by a Stainless Steel Luggage Tag Loops designed not to break during Air Travel. Flexible and Durable Luggage Accessories for Men and Women

  • MANUFACTURER LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Tough Hard Wearing Travel ID Tags for Luggage that will last. If you're not happy, replacement Luggage Tags or 100% Money Back Guarantee for Life