Loose leAF tea strainer | Reusable Tea Filter spoon

Single Cup REUSABLE tea Filter | Tea strainer

2 x Reusable Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Tea Filters with Handle for your Fresh Loose Leaf Tea.

  • PLASTIC HANDLE: Easily use in cup of hot water and avoid burning and fully filter your tea by stirring. 
  • SAVE MONEY & TIME: One cup of tea in seconds, when you only need one cup instead of a whole pot.
  •  ECO-FRIENDLY: no paper filters and no tea brewing machines using electric
  • EASY CLEAN: Stainless Steel Mesh that cleans easily and lasts a lifetime. Dishwasher Safe.
  • LIGHT AND SMALL: It's not much bigger than a spoon so you can carry it around and store easily
  • LIFETIME MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE: Manufacturer lifetime guarantee

ONLY $6.99 for

2 x tea strainers 



Have a fresh tea wherever you are, right NOW!

Tired of having to make a whole pot of tea when you only want one cup?

Spending too much on tea bags you just throw away?

Hate drinking the tea in bags your workplace provides?

Take your fresh loose leaf tea with you.

Introducing the AFL Products Single Serve Tea Strainer Spoon

Make one cup of tea with loose leaf tea using our 1 serve tea filter.

Simply fill the Tea Strainer with your choice of loose tea leaves, close the lid and plunge into your hot water while holding the spoons handle and stir. Simple!

Great tasting fresh tea in seconds instead of waiting for a pot of coffee to brew or teasing the best possible taste out of a bag.

Reusable durable plastic and stainless steel mesh tea filter that can be used time and again, instead of throwing countless teabags in the trash

Designed to be small and compact so you can carry it anywhere and store it easily in a drawer, bag, box or tub

NO BIGGER THAN A SPOON! Much smaller than a tea pot and offers the great taste of loose leaf tea. Combined with a mug or cup and a hot water source, offers everything you need for great tasting tea.

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe 

Freedom to Choose - quality sourced products

ONLY $6.99 for

2 x tea strainers 

The AFL Products Reusable Tea Strainer Spoon that lets you have one cup of fresh tea coffee at a time, wherever you are. Avoid using countless tea bags that are bleached and alter the taste of your tea.

Fresh loose leaf tea offers so many health benefits, you will want to get the most out of it. Wherever you are. 

A Tea Strainer for your Loose Leaf Tea that can be used wherever you feel the need for a healing warm cup of tea. Made to be light and easy to store so you can take the strainer wherever you go. 

The plastic handle design stops your fingers getting burnt and means you can stir your loose leaf tea to get the best possible taste. 

Easily measure your portion by filling the filter to just under the black lid. This allows enough space for the water to swirl around the tea and get the best flavour and strength. 

You can choose to dip the tea strainer momentarily if your preferred taste is a little weaker. You may then be able to use them again. Less waste, to your taste. 

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